Thursday, October 13, 2005

Current books read: Catch Me If You Can by Frank W. Abagnale LOVE IT!!! - watched dvd: The West Wing season 4 episode 1-3

A rewritten of one of my late conversation.

Me: Hey. So, it turns out that I've figured out what Dancing with the Stars is all about.

Not Me: You have?

M: Yep. Watched 2 Australian version and 1 american. And I just realized that Ballroom dance has many types. I thought it was just "Ballroom Dance". It turns out, there is Jive, Quicksteps, Waltz, ...

NM: ... Foxtrot, Salsa..

M: Yeah.. and my favorite: Rumba!

NM: Have you ever been to ballroom-dance school?

M: You know what? No, but surprisingly, I have performed dancing. I didn't know what urged me to say yes at that time. And I didn't know as well how klutzy I looked up there. Some said I was good, actually. Eventhough it may only be lip service. Hehehe..

NM: What dance? Traditional Indonesian?

M: Oh, no.. It was.. Umm.. I can't be sure actually. I did twist, turns, steps, guess it is a watered down version of Jive then. Well, it's complicated to explain. The numbers were choreographed late 90s to 2000s, but it was numbers from 20s to the 90s.

NM: My grandmother once urged me to take ballroom classes, because she really likes dancing, but never had a partner. I absolutely said no.

M: My friend's son (it's Mbak Sri's son, for those of you who knows Mbak Sri) took one as well. But seriously, I didn't know why I said yes to perform dancing. Not that I regret it, though. It was still, one of the best highlights of my life.

... conversation was continued to an irrelevant subject.

Some small points.
  • I love the Australian version much more. The "stars" have much much better attitude than the US.
  • Love Rumba so much. But I don't think that I have the hips.
  • Eventhough Ballroom looks really nice, I think I'd still prefer the "dance to the music thingy". Like the Routine. Y'know? What it won't hurt to try, or?

Leeeett's get readyyy to Rumbaaaaaaa!!

Ah, look what I've rambled on.. Night night..

Update: You can see one of the dances performed in the show here. This is from season 2 (if I'm not mistaken). Showing the star Tom Williams, and the pro-dancer Kym Johnson.


Gets said...
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Gets said...

We had the irritatingly darling ballroom dancers couple (who won 1st place on TVRI award for that) always rehearsing in our living room (where your party's held) back in Teuku Umar days so I kinda already figured out that there were that many types of dances, well, Cita told me so, actually.. hehe..

She said that the most difficult to learn of them is.., I forgot! But I think it's Jive or Rumba. What I do remember is that they didn't even bother to teach Salsa at their course because it's too easy.

And that is exactly why some of the other gals, e.g. me, took one month of Salsa class last year.. hehe..

PS. They're quite expensive, those lessons, y'know.. Not to mention the wardrobe.. Join a choir is much less economical, honey.. :D

Bie said...

Hah? gak nabrak2 tuh? perasaan di Dancing With the Stars tempatnya musti panjang lebar dan luas dan licin.. Ruang itu bukan cuma licin doang. :D

Anyway.. it is much less economical to join a choir, but much more benefitial to join gamelan. hohohohh..

Gets said...

It turns out that according to a certain dancer, Jive IS the hardest because it comes with a fast rhytm and jumps. But if you're not too fond of your dance partner, she said that you wouldn't like Rumba either. Hehe.. maybe it has intimate moves.. alahh..

Bie said...

Iya.. Rumba dancers dance intimately closely and seducing-(and seduced)ly..

So if you don't really like the partner, how can you do all that.

Hmm.. I didn't know the fact about the Jive thingie. It's the one in the prom scene of Grease, right?

Gets said...

Haven't watched Grease..Hikss.. Only parts covered by the medley soundtrack's videoclip.. Maybe I will..

About liking your dance partner.. There was some guy on my Salsa lesson who's just so pleasant to dance with bcos he's so understanding and always knew how to work the steps out eventhough we were making mistakes.. hehehe.. We, are, me and the gals.. ;D.. Maybe he's also pleasant to Rumba with.. hihihi..