Wednesday, October 26, 2005

resolutions: eventhough it's not the time

Current books read: supposed to be Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella, but I left it in my friend's. :(

New chapter resolution. Effective as Ramadhan ends..

  • Study right.

  • Eat right ummm better.

  • Swim regularly. (but don't pursue the quality of Geegee's bf. His is way beyond your league. And you're way too hairy. Huahahhaa..)

  • Go to the kitchen more often.

and this is the most important thing

  • write something at least once a day. Don't always use the xda to take notes, don't always save some info in your handy, but use your hand to write at least once a day. Look what you've done to your handwriting.

Now.. this feels like a "real" journal. :p

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Gets said...

Ah, you're just being modest. And you're way better than him on eating right. I've tried everything. I cook, I deliver, nothing works. What? Force-fed? Well, maybe someday. :D