Wednesday, January 16, 2008

oh my dear F-ing God! (Ease out guys, F stands for Facebook)

Alrighty, who did this?

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Geget said...

is it me???? if it is, I'm so f-ing sorry Bayyy.. hehe.. maklumlah.. how's the 411 on the butter, by the way?

Bie said...

Well, you're one of them. Huehehe..

Do you know that 411 is the ASCII code for "my" God? (Since it's visually somewhat similar to how it is written in Arabic). So it's kinda weird to read the last sentence. Huehehe..

Geget said...

Really? The good people on my circles use the letters 4JJI, but maybe that's not ASCII. Whose god is ASCII then? Hahah..

And speaking of religious display, is it possible that the 'ass' displayed on your later post meant to be followed by wr.wb? (this occured to me before I read your comment-reply)

Bie said...

4JJI juga ada beberapa tapi kayaknya klo mao nomor semua biasanya 411. I never used it. Oops.

Err.. I know kok, it was supposed to be followed by wr. wb. Honey is mbak-mbak berjilbab anyway. Kayaknya emang gue akhir2 ini terlalu terbiasa ngeliat subyek berbahasa Inggris. Makanya shock waktu ngebaca subyeknya.

Geget said... the 'jilbab' is the one that's supposed to give away the whole thing.. if you mentioned that detail maybe I'd known right away that you knew..hehe..

Btw, related news. I bought my first 'kerudung' this afternoon. It's chocolatey maroon. I love its uncommon hue. And I immediately embraced it as my new fashion item. Haha..

Bie said...

well, subtlety.. but still took me by surprise, not in a good way.

you can wear the kerudung in Jakarta too, perhaps. To protect the weekly conditioned hair from irritation. Huehehe..

mellyana said...

oh.. you two!