Thursday, January 17, 2008

thanks for noticing mine, I know I'm proud of it

Dear Honey [clearly this is not her real name since I have to obscure it to spare her feelings],

first of all, thank you very much for your message on Friendster. I really appreciate it. I don't really get it though as why I should feel sorry for myself. What's that? That's a catchphrase? Well, I don't really get that catchphrase as a pick up line since I heard it the last time well back in 2002. Perhaps six years does make a difference. I need to go out more.

Besides, I don't adopt that many catchphrases. Especially when it is conceived by Indonesians who think that the catchphrases they're making are cool but they're really not. And they think themselves as funny but they're really not. Really funny Indonesians are such a gem you know that?

So anyway, thanks for writing. I don't think we can make a great (if not perfect) combo anyway. So, take care and good luck.


PS: Oh, and next time. Just a small tip. Calling a dude offensive names in your message Subject when you want to know him more? Not the greatest idea. Unless you want to talk about yours, I think you really should not have used that word. Cheers to that.

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