Saturday, January 31, 2009

your broadway weekend

Wanting to see that Australian Women's Finals this afternoon with having nothing to do while waiting? Starting to rummaging through YouTube and stumble to some awesome videos that will keep you busy? Oh. Is it just me?

Well, at least, I think these two videos below are exemplary. One, is a modern twist of a classic (my favorite) number from a classic (my favorite) musical: "What I Did for Love", from A Chorus Line. Sung by Mary J. Blige, a smorgasboard of my favorite things.

But wait. This second video is even better. A classic twist of a classic number from a classic musical, sung by one of my favorite actors/people in the world. Sunset Boulevard from Sunset Boulevard by John Barrowman a.k.a I still can't believe that he is not as famous as he could possibly be.

I just love his boyish and playful timbre.


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