Monday, January 05, 2009

Resolution #1 - the basic of

The fundamental of decluttering is actually one simple process: finish the task. If the task is as simple as eating dinner, that means the task consists of preparing dinner, eating in up, cleaning it up, washing the dishes, and putting back all things in their places. After you put back all things in their place, the task is then considered done.

This is the area that I need to work on. Not only in eating dinner, but in many other tasks like taking a bath (ended with putting the laundry in the bin - five meters away, but so?), writing reports (ended with cataloging them, which I never did), or retouching pictures (ended with putting them away from the desktop to their respective folders).

I have been somewhat good to excellent in jump-starting a task. I find it exciting to get my hands on something new, even though it is on something demanding like a task. But I have not been able to finish it as together as I started it. Well, at least not as together as I want it to be.

So one of the strategy that might work for me is actually keeping the excitement level to a high, or if it is too tiring, try to cleverly distribute the level of excitement throughout the whole task.

I'm so excited to try doing my task in this new approach!

Oops. Spoke to soon.

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