Wednesday, February 20, 2008

rockin idol

Unlike listening to Avenue Q at least once a day, voicing my infatuation towards one contestant to another before I saw them performing on the top 24 stage is not really my habit. But in this seventh installment of International American Idol, I can't help of noticing some stand-outs from the preliminary rounds. See, I still won't take sides at this point, I just have some judgments. Now, not big judgments like who to hire or who to buy newspapers from.

Most Internationally Recognized

It's a tie between Carly Smithson and Michael Johns. Smithson is Irish, while Johns speaks with an Australian accent. I think they're cool. Hopefully, internationaldom won't hurt their chances.

Most Likely to be the Most Successful David

Funnily, we have three (THREE!) Davids this year. If this is Indonesian Idol, the producers will have problems making the SMS vote code. I mean would you like to hear, "Kirim 'IDOL spasi DAVIDA' ke 9889". I mean, who's Davida? But on that note, 16-year-old David Archuleta can easily garner votes from one of the biggest blocks in Idol: the teenie girls. Besides he will be the one to make the headline "David vs Goliath" or its puns work.

Most Entertaining to Watch

Two words: Danny Noriega. Also two words: Love him. Not really two words: I can't believe he sang "When I Need You" with those daring movements touching his carefully groomed hair in a better way than how the likes of Christina Aguilera or Beyoncé does it. Dayum. And oh, yeah, I had watched those 30-second youtube clips for like three hundred times already.

Most Likely to be My Favorite

When I first saw Joanne Burgella, I thought she would be an upgraded registered version of Mandisa with a prettier face, better outfit, and more user friendly (*coughlesshomophobiacough*). But soon as I heard Burgella sing, her voice is so not Mandisa, and deserves to be one of my finger-countable CDs. You know, screechy and screamy. Love her.

Most Likely to Pull a Nadia Turner

Nadia Turner was a favorite during the first weeks of Idol 4 finals, only to find on the next week that she was far to "unique" for Idol. This year, the motorcycle chick nurse, Amanda Overmyer might fall on the same category. What is it with motorcycle chicks this year? After Sweet P, we have Amanda now?

First to Hear the Word "Forgettable"

I have a hard time to name this category. But I seriously wonder what's so special about Syesha I-cant-even-remember-her-last-name.

Most Likely to Rock the Idol Stage

I honestly don't know. There's just too many of them already.

The Pimpette

Oh, come on. If by now you haven't heard of Carly Smithson already, you shouldn't call yourself an Idol freak, you freak. Even the controversy surrounding her this past few days made her a pimpette a little too much.


Rama said...

Eh kontroversinya yg mana ya? Yang dia udah punya album itu? Kristy Cook juga konon udah pernah ngeluarin album tuh...

Archuleta ternyata juara Star Search. Dan Johns bukannya emang Australian?...

Bie said...

Iya. Soalnya Carly Pimpette, udah gitu udah ngeluarin album, udah gitu di MCA Records di mana saat dia ngeluarin album Randy punya posisi yang cukup penting. Gitu2 deh.

Si rambut panjang yang selalu pake penutup kepala juga udah beralbum tuh. Tapi dulu dia boyband.

Buat kalimat terakhir.. Errr.. Err.. Heard of this?