Sunday, February 10, 2008

best news I've heard so far in 2008

Found it in Boing Boing.

Neil Gaiman has decided to donate a book to be freely (as in costless) available online to celebrate his blog's birthday.


He said,

Which book, though...? Ah, that's up to you.

What I want you to do is think -- not about which of the books below is your favourite, but if you were giving one away to a friend who had never read anything of mine, what would it be? Where would you want them to start?

I voted for the you-will-not-see-London-the-same-way-again "Neverwhere". So, come on! Help us all read "Neverwhere" for free! It's only down a couple of votes from "American Gods".

PS: To be totally honest, though, I haven't read ALL of Neil's books.
PPS: Yeah, I still don't actively celebrate my birthdays.


Geget said...

Jadi yang vote ini harusnya Rama dong. Tp I voted anyway, as you requested. Hehe.. mdh2an klo lo dapet, I'll be allowed to borrow this one.. :D

Bie said...

Emang katanya Amer Gods bagus, tapi I can't get past the first three or four chapters. Huehehe..

Kalo Neverwhere gue gak mao berenti baca gituh.

Loh, elo bisa donlot sendiri dong nanti kalo Neverwhere yang menang..

Mike said...


Bie said...

Huh? Why Congratz????

Geget said...

wah kok ngga ada amidol postings sihh.. how else I'm gonna keep up with Rama yg sudah mulai hype-ing bout some contestants??..hehehe..

Bie said...

sabar ya.. masih dalam tahap zigot. for now, please tune to Global TV tiap Kamis dan Jumat. Huehehehehe...