Saturday, December 15, 2007

recent crush

OK. All right. Calm down. Chill out. Don't judge me. Stop it.

But I just heard of The Sartorialist like a couple days ago. I mean I think I've read about The Sartorialist either in German GQ or in GQ, but I don't know if they have a blog. Dang!

All right! Shush!

And yeah. Of course like most people, I fell immediately in love with it.

My favorite so far? Summer Bold, East Hampton, August 2007. Definitely something that I try to achieve these days. Including that bottled water in hand. Second favorite? 21st print, New York City, August 2007. Not (yet) something that I try to achieve in the mean time (tee hee), but pleasant to look at. Love the shoes.

Next. Live and Let Loose a.k.a. yeah, if I live in Italy or wherever coastal and go out to see some friends for breakfast on a breezy morning, I also will look like the guy on the right with different shades of color wearing the pants from the guy on the left with matching shade of color.

Last but not lost. Fabrizio in Detail, Milano. It's amazingly brave how he opts to tie his shoelace. I did more or less the same thing with my cargo pants some months ago, I didn't really know how I ended up looking that day, since no Scott Schuman running around. I left those laces out most of the times these days.

(I admit that I browsed heavily only on the warmer months since they are the most applicable in Indonesia. But seeing how cold it can be on this rainy season, is it time to go out in layers?)

And what I love most from the blog is not looking at the styles, actually. Eventhough it is a very pleasant thing to do. I love reading the comments section more.

Now, I suddenly find it necessary to observe closely those "END OF YEAR SALE! - UP TO 70%!" ads on local newspapers and use them "wisely" OR to alter some of my (as Andrea of The Devil Wears Prada put it) "stuff" in my closet. Dayum.


Geget said...

I have to save this page of your blog's first then I can comment. Hehe.. abis banyak amat sih postingan nya.. it's so nice to be able to have crush, you know.. ahh.. :D

Bie said...

Padahal post ini yang elo banget (dan gue sih udah siap muka tembok aja kalo elo mao komentar bbrp fashion statement -no pun- gue di atas. Hehehee)

Geget said...

Since you like the comment part so much..[evil laughs]..these are mine for the 4 links, in order of appearance in the posting:

1. I saw the guy bottom-up, and I was expecting to see your lo ngga punya tas warna itu kan? gak usah deh..merah aja..hehehe..

2.Bajunya ngga mau, yg lainnya mau. Gak tau, agak2 off aja ga sih summer dress nya?

3.Those are so sexy, really.. but if only they were worn indoors..hehe.. especially on the bedroom or while eating breakfast, OR, while evicting woodland creatures from your apartment that were invited by a singing princess..:D

4.Emg ga mengganggu ya shoelace ky gitu? Well, you know how I feel about Italian guys..hahaha..and I think they feel the same way about me..
So, I wish he would wear a much longer bermuda, you know, like, say, a trouser..hehe..
Because I like how the scarf goes with the shirt and white footwear is always tempting for me. Ergo, all he need is to loose the shorts and he's good to go. Haha..

Dan harusnya hattrick..

Bie said...


1. Thanks?! Hehe.. Tas warna itu gak punya. Gue lebih pengen tas seperti itu sebenernya. Warna sebenernya one of my less dominant swatches. Dipake only kalo lagi pengen nunjukin emosi.

2. Two words plus a question mark. Pet peeves?

3. Hahaha.. Tapi rambutnya jangan kurang panjang.

4. Mengganggu sih. Tapi emang beberapa fashion statement kan mengganggu. Tight tees (apalagi kalo worn by some unflattering male figure) misalnya. Tapi, yah, Beauty is pain. Si orang Itali ini bakal repot kalo mao Sholat.

Celananya, kayaknya emang maklum deh orang Eropa pake celana pendek di summer. Kalo di sini aja orang2 biasanya jatohnya jadi sloppy.

Iya baru notice, scarfnya bagus. Dan fabricnya nyambung sama kemejanya.

Geget said...

Gara2 fabricnya nyambung itulah gue suka, karena it's a fashion statement, tp a subtle one, and I like to make my statement that way. Hehe..

And it's not because of the two words. Maksud gue motifnya yg off. :p gw ga mslh kok pake baju itu asal bole pake cardi..hehe.. cuma disini cleavage agak2 frowned upon (eh gitu ga sih nulisnya), if not drooled upon, jadi ya susah..pdhl cleavage jauh lebih predictable daripada armpit (yg kdg mengejutkan..hahah)..ugh..

Mrk pake celana pendek krn kepanasan ya? harusnya ky kita, pake kain sarung, bisa bikin fashion statement dan sholat-friendly..:D

Bie said...

Huu.. Kalo pake cardi lagi gak jadi summer dress dong. Huehehe.. Err iya sih, cleavage frowned upon. La wong celana pendek cowok aja seringkali frowned upon. Ugh.

Kalo kata temen gue sih iya, agak2 karena panas, dan casual slash nyaman aja. Terus ada temen gue satu lagi yang sexist dia bilang sarung itu pakaian perempuan. Soalnya kayak rok.