Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Diwali - the Office season 3 episode 6

Oh, my God. You soooo have to watch the Office season three episode six titled "Diwali". It's HILARIOUS! Even more hilarious if you're Indonesian. See, one of the skit in the beginning of the episode is Jim starts to bike to work.

He says to the camera that he does it, somewhat inspired by his current boss, Josh. The camera then cut to Josh walking into the Scrampton office in his hotter cycling outfit. Jim then goes on saying that cycling is better for the environment, saves him some money, is a good exercise, bla bla bla. He says that he now knows that it also makes him really sweaty for work. *giggle*

When he sits down, his colleague, Karen, who sits behind him, says, (and I'm not paraphrasing) "Nice basket."

I laughed so damn hard, only to realize that it wasn't so damn funny. It should be though, for my fellow Indonesians out there.

Go see it. Where else you can see BJ Novak in Indian shirt. So cute. Err ... the shirt is.

PS: Basket is an Indonesian slangcronym for basah ketek, translated literally to wet underarm, a.k.a eww!


Geget said...

I'm about to make a hatrick here..

Nah, ini baru postingan yg gue banget..whatwith the Diwali and bike(to work)-related issue, but not the basket of course.. hehehe.. ini the Office nya dikirim juga aja..hehehe...

Bie said...

Iya sih .. ini juga elo banget. :)

Ngomong2 ini the Officenya original region 1 DVD pinjeman dari temen gue. Gue aja nontonnya marathon dari season 1. Urgh. Ampir berubah kayak Dwight gue.

Tapi lo mao dicariin versi Ambass-nya?

Geget said...

wah udah bermusim2 ya.. kyny mending yg baru2 aja kli ya..

maaf ya banyak komentar di blog sini, gara2 ga pny sms gratis..hahaha.. cheap bgt..

miund said...


tapi cuma season 3 doang nih bajakan soalnya. anybody know where to get season 1 and 2? *desperate*

and yes, i am developing a huge crush on john krasinski. ouch.


Bie said...

Ya Oloh.. Baru aja gue komen di entry the Office elo. Huehehe..

Umm.. Iya season 1 emang susah dicarinya. Udah coba di mall yang lebih sepi pengunjung?

John Krasinki and his basket? Ugh. Hehe..