Friday, September 23, 2005

Watched dvd: The Wire

To organizers of Hamburg Filmfest.

I really don't know. Last year I made a pact that I will use my telephone so thrifty for a year so that I could afford my tickets to watch 8 of the movies which were on Hamburg Filmfest. I was that determined. And I was also determined to watch the next year, and if possible, buying the Dauerkarte.

Your advertisement trailer is amazing. I'm not exaggerating to say that is the best advertisement running in theatres I had ever seen. Not only best, it's also the smartest, most efficient, intriuging, appropriate, and just simply cool. But really, it is very very smart-hip-and-cool all at once. Good job, Ole Peters.

However, after I got your print publication, you know, the Hamburg Pur special edition thingie, I was only interested in watching 2 movies after quick zapping, and after a more serious reading, I was only interested in watching only 6 of them. Compare this number to 14 last year, when I finally watched 8 of them. Oh, I already said that. I also remember that placed the timetable behind my bedroom door so that I saw it everytime before I went to bed. It's full of circles and doodles. Regardless, I think I would settle on watching 3 of them this year.

I have no idea whether this had something to do with my decreasing interest in the movie world in general, or the movie and program that you're showing this year is not that interesting. Or the fact that despite I watched 8 last year, I left the theatres with one movie I didn't understand (the words. The story, I got it), one movie so strange that I insisted to ignore it and keep schtum, three ordinary movies, and three quite good movies. And one of the quite good ones is Michael Cunningham's work. Or maybe unlike last year my experimenting spirit is not that high anymore, at the same time my bank account balance is also not as high, so that decision was made.

This year, three movies I'm gonna watch are The King, because I'm a fan of Gael Garcia's works, Manderlay to get a feeling how Dogville was stylishly directed, and Adam's Apples, because at least I watched one non-english movie. Ow, great. Just cross checking the diaries, and it turns out that Manderlay will be on Tuesday night. Ok-kay.. I switch to Hooligans, since I am not available Tuesday nights.

So, we'll see what will happen on those nights. Great job with the festival, by the way. Keep up the good work. Always looking forward to meeting the filmmakers after the showing. So hopefully the three of 'em will be there.

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