Sunday, September 25, 2005

sunday's confession

watched TV: Oliver's Twist- watched dvd: The Wire

jamie cooking show snap I.. just can't get enough of Jamie Oliver's cooking show. I mean it's only shown once a week on TV, showing two episodes per program. Usually it shows three recipes, for the drink, main course, salad or dessert. I used to think that Jamie Oliver's cuisines were difficult and expensive. But I kept watching the show anyway, because I think that Oliver is such a personality. And it turns out, after I push myself go into the kitchen more, they're not that difficult or expensive. They're easy and quite affordable. And they're rich of useful tips in around the kitchen, delivered in a hip way.

But one thing is for sure: Jamie Oliver's cooking show is not for people who don't touch their food.


Credo said...

Well.. now you can prepare me various kinda food once you got the chances :D Keep watching the show yeah, and learn to cook ;) I can't wait to have my meal, huehehe..

Mike said...

Well, I thought with his show called naked chef, that he will reveal how to make a great food with an easy and cheap ingridients.

Well, I also like his accent and he is a little bit 'cadel' (do you know that word in english?)

Bie said...

@Credo: masalahnya.. Oliver's dishes itu bahannya kayak susah kalo nyari di Indo. Lagipula gue gak punya oven di Jakarta. Huahahahahah..

Jadi.. yah selamat ngiler aja la yaw..