Sunday, June 08, 2008

back by popular demand

Yeah, the title sounds pompous. However, from the five (or so) of my readers, I think four of them told me that subtly or frontally, directly or Y!Mly, commently or e-mailly.

Anyway. Updates.

I blogged less because ..

1. I fell for a trap called employment.

I am now neither freelancing nor freeprancing, but I work 8 (EIGHT!) to 5, have my own station complete with a telephone unit, 17-inch flat screen, name card stack that says my name and position and e-mail address and.. GAH! It stressed me just to think about it.

My work also introduced me to a work chair, also known as, based on that article on a recent Men's Health that I read, "The Number One Enemy for Your Spine". Every time I put my butt on my chair, I vividly recall that article and the horrifying picture of X-rayed messed-up vertebras, and one of my Yoga instructor's routine chants, "Take care of your spine.. You only have one of it.. You can not replace it like an old tire of your car.. Ohmm.." So when I called my employment a trap, that's an understatement.

2. I am no longer angry. I am now happy.

And who would want to write when they're happy? You might want to run on top of a hill, spread your hands, whisk through the grass, and sing, "The hills are alive.." But writing? I don't think so.

Ask that dude who won an Oscar or Emmy or other statuettes named after something given to angry people who write cool things and vent their anger in words that said, "Thanks for anyone who made me an angry bitter man, hence a better writer."

I mean, I am so filled with the intentions to do other stuff besides writing now. Having people to do those stuff doesn't help either. Talk to a friend of mine, and ask him about that farm that I raised and that city that I helped thriving.

But anyway, the reason I rewrite today, not because I am angry again. But, after seeing Juno, I know now that non-angry people could, or probably, should write too.

And my boss isn't around for two days.


Anonymous said...

i'm happy too.. now you're back in blogging... hahaha..

Geget said...

really? not angry anymore? wow..

Bie said...

thanks, anonymous.. huehuehe..

geget: really really. mudah2an. Heuaheuaheua..

mellyana said...

welcome, kirain emang ada trend menghilang dari dunia blog loh

Credo said...

Huehehe, kalimat terakhir itu alasan paling mantaph! :D