Friday, November 03, 2006

10 things I HATE/LIKE about Jakarta

It's been a week. One week. Seven full days. Some hundred hours (I wouldn't count them all, are you kidding me?). And all I can do is sigh. Well, you know what, I should have seen them coming. What's them? Here:
  1. The fact that all my friends are here, and I can laugh like out loud in a dining table because of the joke that I actually understand rather than just a courtesy laugh. HATE/LIKE

  2. The fact that I don't have a broadband internet connection and therefore miss youtube and all the podcasts that I subscribed so much. So fuckin' much. HATE/LIKE

  3. The fact that things are so cheap, but since the money that I'm using is not mine (yet!), the things still look like so fricken expensive. HATE/LIKE

  4. The fact that my sister has like a big box full of DVDs which she'd never seen, some of them are serious series that I seriously intend to watch seriously, but then my sister don't know where she put the other discs. HATE/LIKE

  5. The fact that it's always thirty-fucking-something degree out there. Borrowing Project Runway 3's third runner up Mychael Knight's quip: I'm sweating like a ho in a church. Well, in this case perhaps a mosque. HATE/LIKE (well, explanation for this one is kinda long and some kinda boring. So let's settle for n/a here.)

  6. The fact that food is good. Tasty. Tasty tasty. Unlike the things that they tell you it's tasty, and then for me it's european tasty. HATE/LIKE

  7. The fact that high mobility on the street is a privilege. HATE/LIKE

  8. The fact that body-awareness-related business is still in its growing phase (e.g. sports center, gym studios, fitness centers, etc.), to put it in other words, they are still God-help-us-all expensive. HATE (second fact only)/LIKE (first fact only)

  9. The fact that my niece is so so so so so so so (and I can type that word much longer) cute and adorable, eventhough she wouldn't talk, play and sit with me on the whole first day we met (that's Monday) and after every nap (can you believe it?), and now she's kinda always saying, "I wanna play upstairs!" (where my room is), but as I said before, except after every nap where she has this shyness again all over again. HATE/LIKE (and a big fat enormous LIKE, that is)

  10. The fact that I AM NO LONGER THE BROWNIE ANYMORE BECAUSE EVERYONE IS LIKE THE BROWNIE HERE AND I'M EVEN PALER THAN SOME OF THEM. And the fact that I am so upset about it so that I'm writing it in capitals. HATE/LIKE

  11. The fact that I already miss Hamburg eventhough it's only been under 200 hours, and friends were saying that the weather was so shitty, not a 30-something degree, it rained cats, dogs, elephant, and the whole Noah's arc, it even flooded Fischmarkt. HATE/LIKE

But it's looking up in some days, methinks. I'll be travelling to an ex-shooting-location in Bandung (will I?) on Sunday, and singing again on Monday (thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing, YEAH, ABBA!!).

I think I'm losing my fucking mind. And no, I'm not counting the result of the self-conducted survey. :)

Hmm.. It doesn't add up to the title.

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